How to Target Your Competitor’s Customers and Keep Them

Doesn’t that sound like a dream? Being able to target your competitor’s customers so effectively with a Digital Ad that you end up winning their loyalty and secure their business in the future? While this may sound like nothing more than a fantasy, AdPages Solutions has made it a reality for many local business just like you!

What is our secret? We partner with Small Business Owners to craft a unique, revolutionary marketing campaign that combines two incredible products – our Foundations Program and Geofencing. These two digital campaigns work in sync with each other to create a winning formula that ensures growth and prosperity for local businesses.

While you may have heard about Geofencing in passing, you may not understand exactly what it does yet. That is where AdPages Solutions steps in. We were among the first Digital Marketing Companies in Dallas to implement this program and we have come to believe in it due to the incredible results from we have seen from it. In fact, we believe that mobile marketing has been taken to the next level with Geofencing. To put it simply, Geofencing gives companies the ability to advertise specifically to potential customers within a certain geographic radius. This in turn, grants us the opportunity to advertise directly to your competitor’s customers.

Once they have seen your targeted message through Geofencing, these potential customers will search for you online to learn more about your company. At this step, it is imperative not only that you are visible online, but that your business is putting it’s best foot forward. This is where our Digital Foundations Program will help you.
We will correct inconsistent listings and create accounts on your behalf. With our Review Generation tool, we will weed out bad reviews and promote good reviews. We will also help you get in front of new customers and respond to those hot leads that are being generated by Geofencing. And finally, we will help increase the engagement of your Social Media audience by posting relevant content.

Do you want to learn more? Sign up for our webinar today and learn the Power of Geofencing and how to add It to Your Marketing Strategy today. You can also visit us online to request more information on Digital Marketing and the potential it has to revolutionize your business.