Ad Pages was started as a direct mail magazine in Dallas, Texas in February of 1988 by our founder and current president, Bill Squiric. At the time Ad Pages had zero employees, zero capital and zero customers. Ad Pages did have, however, a wonderful idea to offer direct mail coupons within a magazine format. The goal was to create a magazine so attractive and so filled with usable coupons that readers would notice it in the mailbox and then value it enough to keep it around the house for constant use. We succeeded and the concept has worked exceptionally well. Now, almost 34 years later, we are mailing over 25 million magazines throughout 80+ individual DFW, Austin, San Antonio, & St. Louis communities and suburban markets every year. Along with our magazines we also have a full in house digital agency to support our client’s digital marketing needs.

In addition, we have coupon and daily deal websites that market amazing discounts to 1000′s of email subscribers and social media followers on a daily basis. We offer many online advertising options, from daily deal email marketing, to self-managed free coupons, to social media campaigns that have helped 100′s of local businesses grow their customer base through low-risk marketing options. We also own and operate a large commercial printing and direct mail operation which services our own companies as well as the general business public. We were able to become and stay successful because we have a great track record of making our advertisers money and giving our readers special discounts and coupons they can use everyday. And most importantly, because God has just simply been gracious to us – beyond belief. Call us or email us today and let one of our professional Ad Consultants show you how Ad Pages Companies can help your business make more money. Or, simply enjoy the online coupons we have provided for your use.  Sincerely,  Bill Squiric President, Ad Pages Companies  


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Ad Pages is your Local Advertising Specialist. We understand Local and have been delivering the best Local Coupons via Direct Mail and Digital Solutions to local residents for over 31 years.



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Phillips Home Improvements has been using AdPages for a decade plus and have always had a great experiences working with both our rep and anyone else that we come in contact with. We have always appreciated the relationship that we share and look forward to many more years of continued success.


We are Arlington Plastic Surgery clinic and also Medspa. We’ve been with Adpages for more than 3 years. I got lots of new referrals and clients from AdPages. Connie Cherry is the best consultant I’ve ever worked with. She is very dedicated to her job, and care of her clients. I highly recommend Adpages to all.


Since we began using Ad Pages it has quickly become our number 1 source of new patients. We were pleasantly surprised by how well our Ad Pages have worked for us and recommend them highly if you want to reach a new customer base.


Thank you Ad pages for helping grow our business. Kimberly and Elena are awesome!


Ad pages has helped us grow from the first month we used them…that was 7 years ago, we started with small coverage and it has grown since then, we have gained many new customers from this exposure…thanks guys.


AdPages has performed consistently since the first issue we were a part of. The results are far better than I had expected.


I have worked with Ad Pages in my area for many, many years. They have helped promote my business and treated me like a valued customer. Would recommend if you are looking for another form of marketing your business.


Liz is a pleasure to work with! Ad Pages is helping to grow our business and earn new customers for the future.


“We have been advertising with Ad Pages for three months now and received an instant response. We get fantastic results the day the magazine comes out and usually for three weeks after that as well as gaining 4-5 new clients. We have also received several customer referrals from the new ads.”


Working with Ad Pages has been great. We love the cover and feel that it is as effective as a mailer for much less cost! Melanie is wonderful and is willing to help with anything!!


“I honestly don’t know if we’d be able to stay in business if we didn’t have AdPages to runs ads with. We do spend a LOT of money with them every year (and have for over 3 years), but the ROI CANNOT be beaten. I’ve tried everything, and nothing matches the response level I get from our AdPages ads. Our account rep, Greg T is also amazing to work with. I feel like he’s always looking out for our best interest. And their art department always delivers!”


Ad Pages works very well with our marketing plan. We have been advertising for 5 months and have received 10-20 new clients per mailing. -Scott – FenceMaxx Corp – Austin, TX


“We have been advertising with Ad Pages since March and I like the fact that nine out of ten coupons we receive are from Ad Pages. We have found it to be a great gate-way to retaining our customers. We see results as soon as the magazines hit the mailboxes and it is consistent all month long. In May we received 69 customers and about one half of those were new to Purple Berri. We credit Ad Pages with a 10% to 15% sales increase. We also get great referrals from our ad…baseball teams are great!” – Purple Berri Mansfield


“We have been advertising with Ad Pages for 6 years because they help us increase our guest counts and find new customers, build our brand. We start getting results immediately after the magazine publishes and get results throughout the whole month. We like to run covers with Ad Pages several times a year, which builds our brand and get our name out to potential new customers. We get 50 to 100 new clients per mailing and 150 to 200 coupons redeemed per mailing. Overall sales have increased 5%. And, we also really enjoy working with our sales rep!”


Ad Pages Digital Marketing opened up the lines of communication on multiple channels and it resulted in a $10,000 sale for our business. – David Clinton – Allen Floors – Allen, Texas