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Running a small business isn’t easy, especially when it comes to stretching a tight advertising budget. If you’re a restaurant owner or operate a home service business in Texas or St. Louis, MO, you might feel like you’re missing out on opportunities to promote your business online. Well, we’ve got good news for you – display advertising might just be the solution you need!

What is Display Advertising?

Display advertising involves placing visual ads on websites, apps, or social media platforms that your target audience frequents. These ads can take various forms, including banners, images, and videos, designed to catch the eye and drive engagement. By integrating these ads seamlessly into the content your potential customers are already consuming, you create a “native ad” experience that feels natural and engaging.

Why Choose Display Advertising?

1. Boost Brand Awareness

Display ads are like digital billboards that help raise your brand’s profile. When potential customers repeatedly see your ads, your brand sticks in their minds. This continuous exposure builds familiarity and trust, which can eventually lead to increased business.

2. Targeted Advertising

One of the standout benefits of display advertising is its precision targeting capabilities. You can zero in on specific demographics, such as age, gender, interests, and location. This means your ads are only shown to those most likely to be interested in your services, maximizing your ad spend efficiency.

3. Geo-Fencing for Enhanced Engagement

Adpages Solutions offers advanced geo-fencing technology that allows you to create conversion zones around specific locations. For instance, if you run a restaurant, you can target customers who are near your location or have visited competitors. When these individuals see your ad and then visit your restaurant, you can track this interaction, providing concrete proof of your ad’s effectiveness.

4. Cost-Effective Solutions

With display advertising, you don’t need a massive budget to make a significant impact. By targeting your ads precisely, you ensure that every dollar spent is directed towards potential customers, reducing wasted impressions.

Geofencing Solutions: How They Work

Geo-fencing involves setting up virtual boundaries around a specific area using GPS or RFID technology. When potential customers enter these boundaries, they can receive targeted ads or notifications on their mobile devices. This is particularly useful for driving foot traffic to physical locations, such as restaurants or retail stores.

Difference Between Retargeting and Remarketing

It’s easy to get confused between retargeting and remarketing, but here’s a simple breakdown:

Choosing the Right Geofencing Marketing Companies

When selecting a geofencing marketing company, it’s crucial to consider their experience, technology, and the level of customization they offer. Adpages Solutions prides itself on providing tailored geofencing services that meet the unique needs of small businesses in Texas and St. Louis, MO.

Benefits of Location Targeting Ads

Location targeting ads allow you to reach potential customers based on their geographical location. This method is highly effective for local businesses aiming to attract nearby customers. By focusing on a specific area, you ensure that your advertising efforts are concentrated where they’re most likely to yield results.

Display Ads Get Results

Display advertising is a powerful tool for small businesses looking to boost their brand awareness and engage potential customers without breaking the bank. With Adpages Solutions, you get tailored advertising programs that include professional ad creation, advanced targeting options, and the latest technology to ensure your ads reach the right audience.

Don’t let your small business get lost in the digital noise. Contact Adpages Solutions today and discover how our display advertising programs can drive growth and success for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do display ads differ from traditional ads? A: Display ads are digital and can target users based on online behavior and demographics, while traditional ads are more general and not as easily targeted.

Q: What is geo-fencing, and how does it benefit my business? A: Geo-fencing uses GPS technology to create virtual boundaries. It helps you target customers in specific locations, increasing the chances of driving foot traffic to your business.

Q: How often can I update my banner ads? A: With Adpages Solutions, you can update your banner ads monthly, ensuring they remain relevant and engaging.

Q: Can display advertising fit into my small business budget? A: Absolutely! Display advertising is cost-effective and allows you to target your spend precisely, making it ideal for small businesses with limited budgets.

What is included in Ad Pages Digital Display Programs?


Display ads act as billboards, creating brand awareness for your business. Our in house Art Team will create Banner Ads for your business based on the promotional information you provide us. Monthly Edits are included in our programs.
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We utilize a variety of targeting methods to ensure your ads reach the right audience. Whether through demographics, interests, or online behaviors, we make sure your ads are seen by those most likely to convert into customers.

Geo-Targeting – Target a specific city, zip code or radius

Geo-fence Targeting – Retarget customers who visits or commute through any businesses’s location

Competitor Targeting – Can be used to target your competitors

Category Contextual – Targeting on sites with content relevant to your industry

Keyword-Level Contextual – Targeting content with terms relevant to your industry

Keyword Search Retargeting – Targeting terms relevant to your industry

Site Retargeting – Targeting users who have previously visited your website as they surf the web

Behavior/Demographic Targeting – Targeting users based on demographics or interests

Event Targeting – Target visitors of an event with your message up to 30 days after the event. Recommended as an add on with Keyword Search retargeting so we can also target people searching for the event you are interested in.

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We take advantage of the following technologies: geofencing, geo-conversion zone, IDFA (unique device IDs), in-app display advertising networks, programmatic bidding, landing page analytics, conversion-optimized landing pages, tracking pixels and dashboard KPI reporting.

Get expert advice on the right strategy for your business with a Display Campaign today.


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