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Looking for a way to break through the communication barrier between you and your prospects? Ad Pages is your Local Direct Mail Specialist. We understand Local and have been delivering the best Local Coupons to local residents for over 40 years through our Coupon Magazine, Ad Pages.

Think Print is a static medium? Think again. We recommend the best offers and the best mix of frequency to get you the best Return on Investment. We know your neighborhoods AND business. We know what works best in print for every industry and will coach you through the steps to reaching your Goals. Whether your goal is Generating Leads or Brand Awareness, our Direct Mail Specialists will work with you to create a unique ad that will draw the eyes of your consumers and have your competitors wondering what your Secret is.


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Who Do You Want to Reach?


Are you a highly localized business and want to attract customers in your backyard? With Ad Pages, you are able to reach those exact households. We hand pick our mailing list to make sure you are being delivered to the best households with the highest possibility of using your services.
We compliment your print ad with a Free Listing on our Website and our APP so that our thousands of unique visitors each month can see you online as well!

Let’s talk strategy today and see how AdPages has been delivering high ROI campaigns for businesses for 40 years!


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Do you have Multiple locations or Multiple Service Areas? Are you wanting to reach your entire Service Area to make sure you are targeting the nearly 300 people moving to your service area each day?
With Ad Pages, you are able to reach multiple cities and areas in each of our 4 Major Markets in Texas and 1 in Missouri. With our Distribution hitting every Major City in Texas and STL you are sure to bring in new leads to your local business.

We compliment your print ad with a Free Listing on our Website and our APP so that our thousands of unique visitors each month can see you online as well!
Need to Get High ROI on Your Local Marketing Strategy? 

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We Reach All of Texas! Are you missing out on advertising to our 2.5 Million Texas Households?

Our Ad Pages magazine delivers to every Major City in Texas: Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and St. Louis. With one vehicle, you are able to reach EVERY Major City in Texas, and St. Louis.

What Makes Us Different than other magazines is our Shelf Life and Brand Loyalty. By filling our magazines up with Usable Coupons our readers keep coming back for more within the same magazine. That means more of a chance of them finding your Ad Pages Ad!

We compliment your print ad with a Free Listing on our Website and our APP so that our thousands of unique visitors each month can see you online as well!
Join the over 2,600 advertisers who reach 2.5 Million Households each month and contact us Today and let us help you with your Local Marketing Strategy.

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Why AdPages?

Short answer is: ROI and It Works.


Targeted Mailing

Our Coupon Magazines allow you to target specific areas and demographics of potential customers who are most likely to respond to our advertiser’s offers.

Easy & Cost Effective Advertising

You don’t have to have a big budget to advertise in our magazines. Pennies per household keep our advertising in line with budgets of small business owners and our Direct Mail Experts will recommend a marketing plan fit for your business’ needs.

Measurable Results

Direct Mail Magazines are one of the few media channels that give the advertiser the ability to track their success. By including an offer or coupons in the ad and counting the number of coupons redeemed, the advertiser can determine their ROI.

Coupons Work

More than 90% of all U.S. households use coupons in some way! Confidence in coupons is at an all time high and consumers see them as true incentives for purchasing products and using services.

Shelf Life

Our Magazines are kept in home for weeks as the consumer takes advantage of the valuable coupon savings. There is something for every household. Compare this to the exceedingly short value of a weekly or daily newspaper.

Proof of Mailing

Advertisers receive postal certification that their ad was mailed on time and to the number of household purchased in their geographical area.

Our magazines are hands-on and grab attention

Your Mail is something you can touch, put down and come back to. It is disruptive to your consumers since they are having to look at your ads. By giving recipients a Call to Action or a great offer you are peaking the consumer’s curiosity and encouraging interaction.

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Success Stories

I have worked with Ad Pages in my area for many, many years. They have helped promote my business and treated me like a valued customer. Would recommend if you ...

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Get expert advice on the right strategy for your business! In our 20 minute strategy session we’ll dive into:

✓ How online marketing can work for your website and business
✓ Get an in-depth website + competitor analysis
✓ Which strategies will get the best ROI