Print Solutions for Retail

As a retailer, your marketing objectives are to attract new visitors to your store, entice them to buy, and increase their average spend.


At the same time, you want to build your brand image by engaging with customers and prospects online, encouraging them to visit more often and to share their experiences with your community. If you are committed to rising quickly from a present or competitive to a dominant market position, you will likely spend three to six percent of monthly revenues on advertising. For your investment, you expect and deserve to maximize your reach and frequency of ad impressions through multiple print and digital channels. As the leading multi-channel marketer for restaurants in every major city in Texas (and St. Louis), only Ad Pages is positioned to help you to achieve your key marketing objectives and quickly grow your business.


Print Solutions Confidence in coupons and print advertising is at an all-time high, with more than 85% of Americans using coupons and 82% of internet users trusting print ads when making a purchase decision. Ad Pages, the dominant local coupon magazine, reaches 1.9 million homes each month and readers engage with each issue for an average of three weeks. Because we have been delivering the best local coupons for more than 30 years, we know YOUR neighborhood and business. We know which offers work best, for all types of retailers, from fashionable apparel to hardware. We work closely with you to target your demographic with proven creative approaches and a mix of print media to maximize your return on investment. ROI is even more valuable when you can track your responses and build on your successes, and we provide the tools to grow your business every step of the way.


Digital Solutions


In 2019, an estimated 31 billion eCoupons will be redeemed worldwide, up from 16 billion just five years ago. Ad Pages partners with local retailers, delivering the most complete set of digital marketing solutions available to showcase your store. Consider that 77% of consumers spend $10 – $50 more with digital coupons, 68% say they build brand loyalty, 60% love to receive them, and 50% are more likely to visit a store if they have received one. Ad Pages offers a complete range of digital marketing services, from our Go mobile app that targets qualified nearby consumers with proven, compelling deals, to our Daily Deal online marketing and self-managed free coupons. By combining these services with our custom website design and social media management solutions, you can dedicate your time and resources to delivering the best possible customer experience. Because your brand is your #1 asset, we offer also offer review generation and monitoring services of Yelp, Google, and other platforms to give you insights and the power to elevate your reputation and brand.


Your Ad Pages account manager will custom tailor a comprehensive print and digital marketing plan for your business and budget, then partner with you to help you achieve your marketing objectives.


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