FREE Marketing Plan for Landscaping Companies

FREE Marketing Plan for Landscaping Companies


Love the idea of marketing your business, but feeling a little overwhelmed by the possibilities? With so many tasks—from branding to identifying target markets to creating ads and generating reach and frequency of impressions—you’ve got your hands full. And marketing isn’t your core competency, so you’d rather be spending your time landscaping.

That’s why we’re here.

Ad Pages has been helping landscapers to grow their businesses successfully since 1988. To help you navigate the glut of information online, most of which isn’t specific to landscapers, we now offer a free marketing plan to help you accomplish these business-critical objectives:


  • Ensure Positive Impressions through Cohesive Branding

With so many competitors in your local space, you’ve got to stand out, grab attention, captivate your audience, and generate a positive impression. Without cohesive branding, including your brand’s logo and both print and digital design work, the market isn’t going to notice your business, let alone develop a positive impression. Our free marketing plan includes an analysis of your logo and how well it supports your marketing propositions. Then we take our analysis a step further with a review of your design work. Are you creating a consistent, positive image with branding cues that identify your collateral as none other than yours? We have eight full- time talented artists in your house who contribute to the analysis and bring your logo and design up to the highest industry standards, if you need help.



  • Generate Brand Awareness Before Your Busy Season

    Many landscaping companies make a mistake you can easily capitalize on; they wait until their busy season to start advertising. By then, consumers have generated positive impressions of rival landscapers. They have decided which companies they trust, and at this point, only great offers distinguish between the top contenders in their consideration set.

                Landscapers that didn’t advertise soon enough to be included almost have to give up the farm to get a second                      look. Our marketing plan will show you how to build awareness and trust before your busy season by combining                  digital and print advertising to become a household name. Even more important, we’ll show you what works to                    successfully differentiate yourself from competitors, so you’re not wasting money on trial and error.


  • Target High Income Households

Everyone needs landscaping, but let’s face it, marketing to everyone is a losing game. High income households have the discretionary funds to invest in their properties. Beyond that, they also have the social pressure of living in neighborhoods where attractive landscaping is the standard. Finally, if you don’t target high income households… you guessed it, you’ll be competing on price and working for the narrowest of profit margins. We’ll show you how to target your best potential customers and how to capture their ongoing business with a subscription model.

  • Make Your Website a Lead Generating Referral Source

Chances are, you’re not too impressed with most of your competitors’ websites. They’re little more than online brochures. Exploit their mistakes by making your website a lead generating referral source. We’ll show you how to create a gallery of your impressive work and how your content can distinguish you and your team from competitors. Most important, we’ll show you how to use your website to capture valuable leads that you can target with your marketing assets.

  • Direct Mail

Ad Pages is a time-tested winner in landscaping. We’ll show you how to use our publication to attract high income families with compelling offers. What makes Ad Pages superior to other print offerings is that families keep it on hand for weeks as a reference, so when they need landscaping, they simply pull out our magazine and find your ad.

  • Search Engine Optimization and Advertising

When someone searches on “landscaping” and “name of city,” your business should be among the first they see. Optimizing your website for search, or Search Engine Optimization, is half of this equation and paid advertising is the other half. We’ll show you exactly how to go about this, cost effectively!

  • Social Media

Today’s consumers don’t simply want to learn about your business and transact; they want to engage with you, build trust, learn from your expertise, and have the opportunity to showcase you to their friends once you’ve earned their business. This makes social media one of the most important avenues for marketing your business. We’ll show you exactly how to do this, without having to spend hours per week at the computer.


You could spend a year learning what we’ll demonstrate to you quickly and easily in your FREE
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