How Dentists See Success in Print Advertising


Modern dental practices are finding great success in promoting their businesses through print advertising. Many have built-in value propositions, such as a full range of oral care treatments and services, (virtually) painless dentistry, and relaxing environments that make customers feel like they’ve entered a spa. Today’s practices have come a long way from your father’s dentist.


With so much to offer, print advertising is one of the most effective ways to deliver powerful, compelling messages and offers. The right print advertising vehicle can target the ideal prospects with a reach (number of people exposed) and frequency (number of times each is exposed) that produce calls, visits, and conversions from lead to customer.


AdPages magazine is uniquely suited to marketing dental practices


Competition among dental practices has increased; chances are there are more practices operating in most cities and counties than ever before. This means each practice must market even more effectively to potential customers within a reasonable driving radius. Though patients may have driven 30 minutes 20 years ago to visit a dental practice, this is highly uncommon today. Successful practices are those that reach prospects in their locality, and do so with compelling messages and offers, with enough frequency that prospects can’t help but take action. 

AdPages enables dental practices to cost-effectively achieve the necessary levels of reach and frequency of ad exposure to target prospects. With a high circulation in metropolitan areas well-matched to the demographics of dental practice customers – including high income households – this publication ensures that your ad reaches those who are most likely to respond. But there’s something more important to consider. When you are comparing your print ad options, the single most important consideration is shelf life of the publication. That is, how long do people keep it on hand, and how often do they flip through it… and how many other people in the household are also exposed to your ad. In this regard, AdPages is peerless in our markets.


Print advertisers get powerful online exposure  


US adults spend an average of 3 hours and 23 minutes per day on mobile devices. The average smartphone user checks their phone a staggering 150 times per day! Use of desktop devices, laptops, and tablets hasn’t slowed either, so you want to be where your prospects are – and that’s why your digital exposure matters. AdPages print customers get their coupons featured on and on our AdPages Go App. These are powerful tools that enable people to find your business and your offers when they are ready to make an appointment. Our website ranks highly on search engines as well, so when prospects search for what you have to offer, they can find you on AdPages.


Convert prospects into customers by following these proven tips


AdPages coupons work. More than 90% of all US households use them, and consumers see them as true incentives for purchasing dental services. Here’s how to make the most of them:




Print advertising in conjunction with digital is a proven blend for your dental practice ad spend. If you would like to learn more about building your business, call your local AdPages specialist today at 972-424-1980

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