How Do I Advertise My Dental Practice?


Dental practices are realizing consistent returns on their advertising investments, by balancing their budgets between print and digital channels. Here are the most important considerations as you move forward with your advertising plans.

Choose the time-tested channel of print advertising

Print advertising is ideal for the complex offerings of dental practices and the needs of current and prospective patients for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few:

They allow you to target your geographic region cost-effectively.

They fit your budget, by offering ad placement and sizing options.

Print readers have larger attention spans on average than digital readers, and don’t typically multitask when they are perusing ad publications.

Brand your business in the community through AdPages Magazine

As a dental practice, your marketing objectives are to educate prospects, attract new customers and increase the average spend per customer by offering a broader array of services, from teeth whitening to dental implants and orthodontics. To do this, you need to effectively brand your business so that when people have a need for your services, they think of you first. Because the AdPages monthly magazine is trusted in your community, people hold on to each issue and refer to it often, especially when they need services. Each member of the household sees your ad multiple times, and that exposure builds brand equity, which your team will then convert to trust after the patient’s first visit.

Focus on local SEO – AdPages Digital Solutions will help you

Ad Pages partners with local dental practices, delivering the most complete set of digital marketing solutions available to showcase your practice and drive in people who are actively searching for your services. 

More than 70% of patients search for providers online and only 17% consult a health system website before making an appointment. To acquire new patients, AdPages helps to ensure your online listings data is consistent with the information on your website. 

Here are the digital solutions we can offer your practice:




You could hire a marketing staff to handle all of these needs, or a digital agency, but both of these options would be substantially more expensive than working with your dental practice partner and expert in community advertising, AdPages.