How to Create Your 2021 Marketing Plan

Which Social Channels are Right For Me?


As a business owner, you can’t be everywhere, but you can be strategic in which social media channel(s) you choose to use.
Before signing up, consider a few questions to help narrow your considerations:
These are the reasons why a local accountant would choose LinkedIn over Instagram.
Let us at Ad Pages Solutions help make that search a little bit easier by analyzing a few of the best social media platforms and what to consider when making your selections.
Still not sure what social media channel to use? Try our quiz to see…

Almost any business is a good fit for Facebook. All walks of life can be found interacting and following friends as well as brands. Facebook’s incredible ability to target users is reason alone to sign up. Reviews can also be enabled on business pages, allowing users to see feedback and other people’s experiences.


Instagram is visually heavy and can be a great pairing for a boutique shop, bakery or even an art gallery. Content can potentially get lost in the endless stream of new posts, so it is important to have a consistent posting schedule as well as engaging material.


LinkedIn may not be as entertaining as Facebook or Instagram, or as large, but it can be easier to reach your followers and new users in the newsfeed without having to spend as many ad dollars. It can also be a great resource for finding job candidates. 


No matter what social media platform ends up fitting your business best, Ad Pages Solutions will be by your side, providing local business owners measurable results through individualized marketing plans. Located in Plano, Texas, we are able to deliver your marketing campaigns to over 2.5 million households in every major city in Texas, as well as St. Louis.


We appeal to the local market because we understand the local market, and know the demographic you’re trying to reach inside and out. For more information, visit our website, Facebook, send us a message, or give us a call at 214-997-0364.