Why Ad Pages Solutions Is Right for Your Dental Practice!


Ad Pages Solutions, located in Plano, Texas is a full-service advertising agency offering print and digital solutions designed to meet the advertising needs of growing small-to-medium sized businesses. Dental practices are among our most successful niches. As the leading multi-channel marketer for dental practices in every major city in Texas (and St. Louis), only Ad Pages is positioned to help you to achieve your key marketing objectives.


It starts with effective local print advertising


Our Ad Pages coupon magazine is a family-favorite, with up to 32 year readerships in several of our markets. Our open rate (the percentage of recipients that open the magazine) is significantly higher than rival publications and print vehicles, across the markets we serve. This is because we market to high-traffic business categories like restaurants, home and yard services, and dental practices, which all contribute to a high open rate for our print publication and high traffic for our digital properties.


Our high mail volumes and open rate tell you about the extraordinary reach of our magazine, which means you will be seen by a high percentage of household members in your community. But reach alone is insufficient. You also need multiple exposures, which is where coupon envelopes, postcards, and newspaper ads fall short, typically resulting in one exposure before the piece is tossed. Ad Pages magazine has an extraordinary 3-week average shelf life (longer in many households). Not only do people keep the magazine, but many keep it accessible on coffee tables and countertops, and refer to it frequently. Ad Pages magazine is how many people find out about dental practices.


It builds with effective digital advertising

More than 70% of your prospective patients search for dental practices online, yet only 17% consult a health system website before making an appointment. This means you need an effective digital advertising team and strategy to capitalize on this opportunity. That strategy – which Ad Pages will help you to develop, deploy, monitor, and improve over time – should include the following elements:




Ad Pages makes a science out of small-to-medium size business advertising, by optimizing your advertising investments across our dominant print and digital properties in the communities we serve. If you would like to learn more about cost-effective multi-channel advertising for dental practices like yours, call your local AdPages specialist today!