Special Promo: Ad Pages will match up to $150 in Google Ad Spends for the first month. 

Real Estate Prospects

Contract Length: Consider Buying Cycle and Pitching them on a 6-12 month Cycle Campaign

Ad Design: Make sure their ad talks about their expertise and why people should trust them. IE They sold X number of houses above market value

Call To Action: Average Sale is X  above market. Can you afford to not go with me if I can get you X in your pockets?

Create a Sense of Urgency: I am only accepting two new home buyers this month. Reach out to me today and let me put money in your pocket

Sell them: D Cards, Facebook and Display Advertising. 

Home Improvement Prospects

Contract Length: Consider that consumers don’t need it until they need it. This is a Pull Based Marketing.

Ad Design:  Focus on your great reputation. Consumers will ask Will this provider be able to handle my problem? How have they handled others problems?

Create a Sense of Urgency : By stating offering for a limited time only to cut a deal on the hardware being used or guarantee to fix something in a certain amount of time. 

Sell Them: Magazine Advertising and Google Adwords + Online Foundation Program to help with Reviews

Medical Prospects

Contract Length: 
 Consider that we are trying to steal patients away so do 6-12 months

Ad Design: Focus on services that you do cheaper and target areas that you know your services are cheaper than

Consider the undesirable need: Examples: Do you have a tooth that hurts? Cavities.  Do you sweat a lot? Botox.

Offer: Create a new client special with a low service and call out how you are cheaper than your competitors. Sell Them: Magazine Advertising and Video Based Facebook Ads + Google Ads  

Special Promo: Ad Pages will match up to $150 in Google Ad Spends for the first month.