5 Ways to Increase Your Car Count

5 Ways to Increase Your Car Count In 2021


Are you asking yourself how to increase your car count in 2021? How many cars are coming through your auto shop per month in 2020? When you consider the gross sales and net operating profit you are trying to achieve with your business, as well as your staffing and equipment resources to handle the increase in traffic, how many cars do you want to drive through your garage each month? Once you have a goal, you can apply the following methods to increase your monthly and annual car count.

  • Optimize Your Schedule: Calibrate between the number of cars you can handle each day with the personnel you have to handle them. Find the right balance, so you aren’t overworking or underworking your staff, but keeping them operating steadily at a pace they can sustain. At the same time, you want to keep your wait times per service at or under the industry average for your area.
  • Master Your Market: Partner with print and digital marketing companies that have extensive experience with auto shops, such as Ad Pages. The right partner understands your market and the types of services and offers that you should be promoting, as well as the price points to attract a significant volume of new customers. They will also help you drive additional business from your current customer base.
  • Improve Technician Efficiency: It’s not just about expertise and capability. The shops that handle the heaviest volumes train their employees on techniques to finish jobs in competitive time frames relative to the labor guides. Once you know the capacity of each of your technicians, maximize their time by funneling the work they are best at to each of them. Most important, avoid delegating non income-producing paperwork, stocking parts, and other work to technicians. Hire low wage workers for those tasks
  • Ask for Referrals and Reviews: Your happiest customers are your greatest asset. Leverage their love of your shop by incentivizing them to refer new business to you with a referral bonus offer in your print ads. Use the Ad Pages social media service to generate weekly posts, some of which ask your existing customers to provide online reviews on Facebook, Google, and Yelp. These reviews are essential to driving new prospects into your garage, since people tend to research businesses before trying them. Reviews provide trusted, objective information from customers just like themselves.
  • Establish Thought Leadership: You’re not just the best service provider in your area for brakes, wheel alignments, and new belts and hoses; you’re also a source of valuable expertise. Include a monthly blog on your website and create weekly social media posts that educate your audience and establish your credibility. Why would anyone go somewhere else, when you’re demonstrating expertise and a willingness to help them achieve their objectives, such as greater fuel efficiency, performance, or vehicle longevity?

The first steps toward improving your monthly car count are defining your goal and then establishing momentum toward achieving it. Give our auto shop marketing experts a call to find out how to get started today.

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