Best Facebook Ads for Landscapers

Best Facebook Ads for Landscapers


When it comes to managing Facebook ads and posts for your landscaping business, it’s always wise to have balance. You want to attract new customers, engage and educate your prospects and customers to become the top-of-mind landscaper in your area, and increase the flow of services in your pipeline to existing customers. If that sounds challenging, don’t worry; Ad Pages makes it easy.


  • The 5, 3, 2 rule makes content creation simple

Just like many of the skills you have mastered, there is a proven-effective way to manage your Facebook posts. Like shrubs-to-flowers-to-stones, it’s all about proper proportions:

1.) 5 should be sourced content relevant to your audience, known as curation.
2.) 3 should be original content you’ve created, relevant to your audience, or creation.
3.) 2 should be personal, fun content to brand your practice, known as humanization.

Believe it or not, one of the things people care about most is the people in your business, so introduce them and talk about their talents!



  • Use Compelling Visuals

The greatest marketing assets you have as a landscaper are those you should also be most proud of – photos and videos of your beautiful work. More than anything you can say in words, visuals powerfully demonstrate your expertise. Showcase the work you do, whether complete landscape design, retaining walls, natural pathways, entertaining areas, ponds, colorful gardens, or a blend of all of the above.

Videos take the power of visuals a step further. Use them to show your professionals in action. Demonstrate how you used your expertise to solve a problem. Before and after videos are especially effective!

  • Test Offers

What works better for your ideal prospects or customers, a $100 OFF discount or a percentage discount? How about two FREE plants with landscape design services over $500, or a FREE design consultation? What works best for you will depend on your target customer. It’s not just a matter of what works best either; certain prospects will respond better to certain offers, so you want to be diverse in your offerings. The faster you can learn what works through testing, the more profitable your business will become. So don’t continue to run the same offers. Keep testing and keep growing!

  • Capture leads and set appointments with Facebook’s lead forms and appointment setting

Your Facebook ads and posts should target your ideal prospects and compel them to provide their contact information. This will allow you to market to them through a variety of channels – and remember, your response rates will be much higher when marketing to people who have already indicated interest in your business.

Facebook solves this challenge with lead ads that make lead generation easy. People who see your ad simply tap it and a form pops up. It’s already pre-populated with their Facebook contact information and ready to be sent directly to you.

Use an ad headline that compels prospects with your unique selling proposition. It’s what drove your existing customers to check you out in the first place. It may be a compelling offer or something your practice is known for that distinguishes you from competitors.

Facebook users also love the app’s built-in, time-saving appointment setting feature. It meets them where they are and allows them to make an appointment in seconds. Here’s how it works:

1. Click the blue call-to-action button below your Page’s cover photo.

2. Click Book Now and then click Appointments on Facebook to manage your appointments through Facebook. Then click Next.

3. If you chose to show your available appointments, set the days and times you want to regularly offer appointments on your calendar and then click Next. Adjust your preferences for appointment approval and advance notice and then click Next.

4. Click Next to review your services. If you don’t want to review your services, click Not

5. Click Add a Service to list a service and then click Done.

Promoting your landscaping business on social media, in conjunction with digital and print, can
be highly effective when you apply these proven concepts. If you would like to learn more, call
your local Ad Pages specialist today!


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